Mortgage Broker in Alameda CA

Mortgage Broker in Alameda CA

Regardless of whether you are searching for a dream home or looking for home refinancing.OMAC Mortgages being a Best Mortgage broker in Alameda CA comes up to assist you with achieving your home mortgage objectives. With 22 years of loaning and banking experience, OMAC is your experienced mortgage broker in Alameda and other major parts of the cities. We are a fully licensed mortgage broker in California who believes in delivering top-class mortgage services to its clients.

Our Best mortgage broker in the Alameda team incorporates experienced loan experts and support staff who see how to study income property cash flow, working costs, property, and borrower attributes to decide the right mortgage programs that would best fulfill a borrower’s demand. The market for real estate is loaded with intricacy. However, we are here to assist you with exploring the needs/demands, and designs of multifamily and commercial financing.


More options

OMAC Mortgages offer a wide range of traditional and niche loan products to provide our service for almost every mortgage situation. We also deal with the insurance sector in California.

Remarkable guidance:- You are worthy enough to work with the best mortgage lender in Alameda, California. We allowed mortgage experts to convey proven performances and decency to the counter. Additionally, the assurance guarantees a simplified, time-saving process.

Faster closing:- Being One of The Experienced Mortgage Broker in Alameda we can close the mortgage in less than 2 weeks as we work on advanced mortgage Technology. We will add our personal touch and informed you throughout the entire process.

Quality and Commitment:- Our all-time commitment to our clients is that we will reduce the burden by lowering down your monthly mortgage payments and ensure to provide the best deal available in the market.

100% Customer Satisfaction:- Our team experts understand every client is unique and the situations are different not a single dealing is exactly the same, so we work according to that, to offer you the best customer satisfaction as we believe that customer satisfaction is the key to success.

Faster and affordable:- Being the best mortgage broker in Alameda, we aim to ensure you the fastest closing at competitive rates.Without losing focus on the details that are important to you.

Why to choose OMAC as your mortgage broker in Alameda

We believe every client is unique, every condition is diverse, and none of the dealings is precisely similar. We deeply go through the needs/requirements of the client and offer them the right mortgage product according to their situation. Financiers, Real Estate agents, and Lenders turn to OMAC Mortgages for bunches of reasons. Most cases go down to a unique word: Faith;-

 Trust In Our Solutions:– By applying our experience to your dealings, we’re ready to introduce resolutions that integrate a lender’s needs, advice, or framework. There is enormous worth in dealing with experts who can coordinate with your financial backings to the best loan programs to achieve your objectives or targets.

 Trust In Our Capital Sources:– We have prolonged bonds with the business’s best capital sources which permit us to rapidly give customers nationwide admittance to the best loan programs. Simply an illustration of handling our connections to gain your trust.

Trust In Our Results:– Additional time, with the correct blend of products and individuals you construct a prestige for delivering the goods. You become well known by your customer base. We’re glad to consider that a greater part of our business is to reiterate and reference business from connections established on an authentic interest in making winning situations that make everybody’s business development. We’d be satisfied to apply our experience, Sources, and Solutions to give results for your sake and to gain your trust.

 Trust In Our Experience​:- Basically, we comprehend our experience/knowledge and coordinate efforts with investors to offer you the best deals at minimal rates. That is why we are called the experienced mortgage broker in Alameda.

 Our Vision Then and Now:- OMAC Mortgages has the vision to turn into a countrywide fully service lender that could give more to clients — tie them with the ideal mortgage to fit their requirements, give information, and provide help, for homeownership dreams conceivable and reasonable. With our top-class services and a vast variety of loan products/programs, we’ve had the option to accomplish that vision and establish upon it by assisting more people every year to purchase homes from one coast to another. We’re proceeding to extend our country-wide impression. Today we have enormously extended our home loan-based programs into a wide portfolio of home purchase, refinance, and home equity products, etc. We are leading in our business and rewarded several times because of the high level of customer satisfaction.

 Our Mission:- Our goal is pretty basic: to furnish you with the most ideal guidance and advantage to your financial requirements while working with a direct, straightforward home loan process for buyers, vendors, and real estate agents. They will probably perceive us as the main and most respectable mortgage company in the country. We start that procedure by acquiring your trust through expertise and communication. Our customers are our topmost priority, and we value creating fulfilling, long-term connections with our clients. We know how to close your housing mortgage swiftly and this will save your money since we use advanced mortgage technology that improves customer service and industry knowledge.

 Experience the difference with OMAC Mortgages:-

Navigating the mortgage loan measure is energizing and simple with the true home financing company. At the point when you collaborate with us, you’ll team up immediately with a licensed mortgage professional in Alameda who is insanely acceptable at ensuring you get a competitive rate and a remarkably quick and easy mortgage experience. When all things considered, we endeavor to be your mortgage experts of choice for quite a long time to come, any place life takes you. Our mortgage officials, managers, and care staff are consistently accessible to help you from application to closing. Whenever you need a property loan, or regardless of whether you simply need some help out of a snowbank, we’ll be there for you.

Which Mortgage is right for me?

Being a Renowned Mortgage Broker in Alameda, OMAC will help you answer that question and track down the ideal home loan or refinancing alternative for you. An assortment of programs, rates, and terms are accessible, and each variable into settling on the best mortgage decision. Choosing the correct mortgage product demands the understanding and experience of a licensed loan officer from OMAC Mortgages.  We prepared our group to assist you with refinancing and get the financing solutions that are best for you.

Home buying-:

There’s no time like the right now to see whether you qualify. Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage is simple with Omac Mortgages there are just a few inquiries that can be easily responded to without reports or documents. We’ll simply require your contact details, so we can help you start the loan cycle. There’s no burden, so begin presently to figure out how Omac Mortgages can assist you. In case you’re uncertain which loan is best for your circumstance, peruse our preference of loan programs and contact a lender to begin the process! Or use our mortgage calculators today!


A mortgage refinance is a substitute of your current home loan with a new loan that may have extraordinary or more positive terms, for example, a more limited repayment term, a lower interest rate, or lower monthly scheduled payments (entire finance charges might be higher over the existence of the loan). Refinancing is a term that restrains some homeowners, yet doesn’t stress — the Omac Mortgages group is here to teach you, and offer the important help, so you can meet your financial objectives. Refinancing frequently brings about a more positive circumstance. Being the Best Mortgage Broker in Alameda we’re here to make the process less daunting and more reasonable. Regardless of whether you’ve experienced the mortgage process previously, you may not know about the entire specific home loan products and alternatives that can be custom-fitted to assist you with either save money or access to funds at less interest rates. At Omac Mortgages we can assist to cross this overwhelming process with our support and all-time guidance.

Steps to refinancing your mortgage:-

Before you start, it’s important to do some research work as well. Following are the steps involved to refinance your mortgage:-


Pre-qualification decides your capacity to pay back a refinancing loan dependent on the details you give. We evaluated your resources and earnings to set up the maximum loan sum you can get and the amount you might borrow.

Comprehend your credit report for refinancing

Your FICO score isn’t the sole factor in getting approval for a home loan, however, it is a significant component of figuring out what you will actually be able to qualify for. Test your own credit score before applying for a loan. Call your creditors and set up for payment plans to apply for the loans.

mortgage broker in Alameda ca
Omac Mortgages is a best mortgage broker in Alameda CA.

Meet your loan experts

Call us today to talk about your options Together, we’ll suggest a home mortgage product that will address your requirements. If you need to find out about what sort of program might be ideal for you, you can visit our mortgage kinds, which will clarify our products.

 Initiate the refinancing process

At this point, you’ve chosen your lender, and you’ve gotten pre-approved. The time begins the loan process! Meet with your licensed loan officer to help you with the documentation and present your home loan application. Gather all necessary documents like income information, credit information, and income tax documentation.

 Submit your application:– Fill up and sign the application — including the attached fair lending notice, loan data sheet, and credit approval.

 Revise your loan estimate:- This file contains significant insights concerning the loan you are applying for, including an evaluation of your interest rate, closing costs, taxes, insurances, and any prepayment fines.

 Consider the home appraisal :-While refinancing, not every person is needed to get a home evaluation. Ensure the sum, payment, rate lock, and different information are surely declared in writing.

 Determine closing date/time:- Closing happens within the existence of a public legal official, and if you have a co-applicant, they will likewise be available, and then review your closing disclosure.

Make the most of second chance

Congrats, you’re done with refinancing and ready to manage the expenses or ready to save for the future.

OMAC Mortgage is here to offer you direction on any future inquiries or circumstances that may emerge with your loan.

 What inquiries would it be advisable for me to go to while refinancing? 

Before you consider refinancing your home loan, ask yourself the accompanying inquiries: 

  • How old is my present home loan? 
  • Does my present home loan have a prepayment fine?
  • How long am I intending to remain here? 
  • What’s my FICO assessment?

What is the best situation for refinancing? 

Even though each circumstance is unique, we would suggest refinancing your home loan if: Current interest rates are 1% lower than your current rate. You plan on remaining in your home for an additional 5 years. You await being endorsed for the refinancing loan.Calculate Your Options For Refinance.

 Would it be a good idea for you to refinance your home if you plan on moving? 

When in doubt, it doesn’t bode well to refinance a home loan if you’re intending to move and sell the home in a few years? The explanation is that the cash you spend upfront in closing costs will surpass what negligible sum you save throughout the next 24–36 months.

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